About Thorpe DNA

The Thorpe DNA project was started a number of years ago by Ellen Coffman and assembled a valuable collection of Thorpe/Tharp genealogy aided by ancestry DNA research. The original website was hosted on thorpedna.org but at some point was not renewed. I reached out to an email address known to belong to Ellen in an attempt to learn of the project’s fate but never heard back.

Since the domain name was available I purchased it in an attempt to reconnect Tharp/Thorpe researchers pursuing both DNA and traditional research.


7 thoughts on “About Thorpe DNA

    1. I would appreciate being kept in the loop on this project! My father, George William Tharp age 79, is the last in our Tharp family line. We are exploring and he is interested in a DNA test.


      1. Gretchen, I suggest ordering a yDNA test right way as they are on a great sale right now until April 26 on FamilyTreeDNA.com


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